Social Media Down Time!

It’s simple, have control of your space and make you own lane. That’s the next solution you need to start working on ASAP.

Social Media is gradually becoming about building followers and real interactions slowing down with everyone trying to become an influencer, nobody is bothering to comment and interact genuinely and if they do it’s not because they care about what you post but just so you can return the favour.

This is why now more than ever you should start building your own community of people who truly cares about your craft and are waiting to hear from you daily.

There are two ways you can do this.

  1. You can decide to use more than one platform instead of depending entirely one
  2. You can Start building your email list today! (This I strongly recommend)

The beginning is usually the hardest, this records why so many people procrastinate. this is why getting help early helps you start well and cuts years off your learning time with guaranteed result only if you Implement RUTHLESSLY sha.

Here are a few more things you need to learn when it comes to email list building

  • How To Draw your List Building Plan
  • How To Create Your Amazing Opt-In Page
  • How To Carefully Choose Your Offer
  • How To Build Your Email Sequence
  • How To Track Your Success
  • How To Manage Your List

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