The power of Social Media continues to grow across markets as it plays an essential role in modern Marketing and Sales. Social Media is now so much a part of us as more and more people jump on platforms with over 75% pushing products/services.

With so many platforms to choose from, it leaves a lot of people confused. Choosing a platform is out of most people’s list, as most of us do not even understand who needs our products verses the platform they love most. So you find that we tend to want to serve or target everyone. I call this ‘hope-marketing’

Do not do what everyone is doing, unless these platforms will yield you zero results. Do yourself a favor, start by examining your demographics. Start by answering these questions;

Are my target audience online?

How are they spending their time?

Which platform do they prefer?

What pages, groups capture their interest?

Which device are they using?

How can you get them to notice you?

And so much more


This is why the 21 Days Visibility Challenge Beginners Class is super important, it takes you through the journey and help you find answers to all this questions as it relates to your niche.

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