About Me

Ruth Oham is a Business and Social Media Expert. Coach, Teacher & Speaker.

I help business owners become aware of the various tools to promote business so their target audience can find them on social media so they can increase sales. 

I have over 8 years working experience in Finance, Management and Account.  Including 3 years’ experience running five businesses 100% online.

I’m very good at what I do as I have worked with several business owners, teaching them how to use social media for business.  And the testimonies are truly humbling.

I wasn’t born the ‘expert’ LOL

Let me give you a brief history.

Ten years ago, I got into the work environment.  I started out excited, ready to make a meaningful contribution as I’m sure we all do, but soon found it was a constant routine of mundane and boring activities.

Worse still, my “take home” pay couldn’t even take me out of my office, much less take me home.


Life happened uneventfully, until I got married and soon after, I had my baby Sochikaima beautiful little girl who needed lots of care and attention, which I couldn’t give because I was racing against the clock as my maternity leave was coming to a close.

Having my baby caused me to re-prioritize and focus on which was most important to me; which was seeing my daughter grow up.

Unfortunately, having the best intentions doesn’t always pan out the way you want. Over a series of months, I began to research practical strategies that would help me not only exit my job, but also increase my income.

Eventually, I was able to make the leap, and now, with those systems I put in place, I’ve been able to consistently generate between 4 – 6 times my salary EVERY MONTH

So why should you care?

Maybe you shouldn’t.  But on experiencing the freedom that came with increased income, I realized that I had a responsibility to share my proven and practical knowledge with as many as possible.

And I’m hoping that I can share this with you.

This is not a “magic wand” or “silver bullet” program as many people are quick to promote their programs as.

It’s going to require a lot of dedication on your part. But, you know what they say, “nothing good comes easy”, but I assure you, the rewards are worth it.

So if you’ve read up to this point, it probably means you’re one of those people I have dedicated my life to serve.

I’m set to work with you.

Talk soon